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Our Story

Survivor Coolers is a small family owned business. Our commitment to you as our customer is to provide you with an opportunity to own a cooler that compares with any and all of the very highest quality coolers on the market today, and one that performs as well as, if not better than, any cooler at any price on the market today, and to do so at a price that is affordable for such a high quality product. Not only do we warranty the workmanship and quality of production for 7 years, but we will replace any failed part or hardware due to normal use, for as long as you own your Survivor Cooler.  Provided you take reasonable care of your Survivor Cooler, it will last you a lifetime. Now, we cannot gurantee it will survive a bear attack, because we have not tested that specifically...and we dont intend to do so either!


So where did the name "Survivor Coolers" come from? Like everyone, we are all "survivors" of something. In our case, our son was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer at the age of 16 (that is him holding the redfish in the photo to the right). Today, he is 29 and is not only cancer free, but is very fitness conscious and works out everyday. So our family are survivors in the truest sense of the word. We all face and survive challenges everyday from all types of outside forces and influneces...and that is what our coolers do for those things placed inside of them. Whether you use our coolers to keep beverages and food items cold and protected from the effects of 95 degree temperatures, or keep foods hot for extended periods of time until it is time to serve them, our coolers will do so as effectively  or more effectively as any on the market.  Simply put, whatever goes into our coolers will "survive" the outside elements at hand.


Because of our journey with cancer, and having a keen awareness that there are so many others today dealing with the extemely emotional uncertainty that goes along with this disease, we are commited to  finding ways to  pay back the many special people who help others fight cancer, and "pay something forward" for those in the middle of the battle or just beginning the battle with this life-threatening disease. So we are commited to contributing a portion of each Survivor Cooler sale back to either Egelston Childrens Hospital in Atlanta, Make-A-Wish Foundation or Childrens Miracle Network, so that others can become survivors like us.  


We hope you will be the next proud owner of a Survivor Cooler, and join us in support of cancer reasearch and cancer care for those strugling with this disease.





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