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 Product Warranty

Our coolers are manufactured from components and materials designed to last a lifetime, and the "quality of build" is second to none in our industry. We are so confident in the overall quality of our coolers that we warranty them for manufacturers defects for an industry leading 7 years. Additionally, and due to our commitment to your satisfaction for the entire life of your cooler, we will replace broken or worn parts for the life of your cooler for only the cost to ship the replacement parts to you. Included in thesse parts are: hinges, handles, latches, feet pads, etc. so long as they have not failed as the result of abusive treatment of your coolers. We simply want you to enjoy your cooler for as long as you own it. So, acquire your Survivor Cooler knowing you have purchased the very highest quality cooler on the market, and knowing we are committed to insuring you enjoy your cooler for a lifetime. 

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