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Why Survivor Coolers

Unsurpassed Quality

Survivor Coolers are built and designed to last a lifetime. They are built using the same one-piece roto molding process, 2 1/2" - 3" of injected insulation, stainless steel hardware and refrigerator/freezer gaskets as the highest priced coolers on the market. In short, we are confident there is not a better made cooler on the market. Additionally, we conducted practical (although somewhat unscientific) side-by-side tests with four different similar very high-end coolers (including a couple of the most popular brands), whereby we put the same number of drinks and ice in each cooler, all similar in size, and accessed each cooler and its contents exactly the same way. There was very little distinction in performance characteristics between any of the coolers tested. Essentially, all of these coolers were constructed the same way and performed essentially identically.


Every component and feature of Survivor Coolers is designed to provide a lifetime, of use and service, provide unsurpassed performance (both hot and cold retention) and provide practical utility in use. The pressure release button, for example, provides two important functions...first, it allows you to drain water from your cooler quickly without opening the lid and releasing valuable cold air (the button provides air release to the vacuum seal, allowing water to flow without vacuum restriction), and secondly, the seal on our lids seal so air-tightly and the suction is so strong that opening the lid is often difficult until the button is depressed. This characteristic is simply a testament to how well our survivor coolers are made and perform, ultimately allowing its contents "survive" the outside elements

Accessories & Value

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the very highest quality product at a price point that creates the best value in the market. And we do so by pricing our product substantially less than the most popular and expensive coolers on the market, without compromising one "degree" of construction quality. We further add to the value component of Survivor Coolers by including at no additional cost, in all but our smallest cooler, a divider and a basket.

    Pay it Back 
  Pay it Forward

As we indicated in the "Our Story" section of this webpage, our family  survived a cancer "journey" with our son. We owe our son's very life to the remarkable and very caring individuals at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta. There is truly no way to repay them for what they did for our family, and for the loving manner in which they did it, but what we can do and will do is contribute a portion of the sales of every Survivor Cooler back to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta (Egleston Children's Hospital), in hopes that it will be of a part of a child's treatment and survival of a life-threatening disease.

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